Our Progress 2014

Season’s greetings!

22 December 2014

Things are winding down for the year at Engineering e2e. See you in the New Year – hope you enjoy safe and happy holidays.

Final Steering Group meeting for the year

19 December 2014

Yesterday was the final Steering Group meeting for the year. The Group tabled Ako Aotearoa’s report ‘Improving Pathways to Engineering Education’, following the Forum they held last month (we will provide more information on this soon); and discussed the NEEP refresh as well. The Group will meet again in the New Year.

December newsletter online

18 December 2014

The December newsletter is up on the site – you can find it in the newsletter section. This month we discuss outcomes of the NEEP Reference Group Meeting, and our case studies.

Case studies galore!

17 December 2014

We have plenty of case studies now up on the site packed full of advice and insight for engineering educators and employers. Here’s just some of what we cover:

  • NZDE and BEngTech students talk about their journeys from education to employment – why they recommend their study paths, what they enjoyed, and what could be better for engineering students;
  • We discuss scholarships, internships, industry open days and other great opportunities you can offer students (i.e. potential future employees) to get them interested, involved and well supported in the engineering industry;
  • We talk to NorthTec’s NZDE (Civil) Head Tutor Mike Mullany about the tutoring programme he has set up, where 8 of the 10 tutors are specialists in their field, employed in local industry.

There are more to come too. Happy reading!

First of our case studies online

1 December 2014

Today doesn’t just mark the start of the Christmas countdown; we have our first case study up on the site! Take a look in the Employers section to read about Cadetships – are they an answer to New Zealand’s skills shortage?

Alternative Engineering Pathways Professional Forum

25 November 2014

Over the last two days engineering education providers have been at the Alternative Engineering Pathways Professional Forum. This Forum was instigated by the Ee2e Education Advisory Group and held by Ako Aotearoa.

We know that there’s research out there on pathways from secondary to tertiary study in engineering and how to make them work for learners. However, not much of this research has been put into practice. This means that there are learners who might want to get into engineering, but don’t have the option to without taking full-on, time consuming courses. Often these learners have the prerequisites for tertiary education, but not for engineering specifically. They need flexible, tailored courses which allow them to transition to engineering study.

With this background in mind, the Forum attendees got together to discuss existing pathways, identify the gaps, and explore practical and innovative solutions related to pathways and entry requirements for the BEngTech and NZDE.

Ako Aotearoa is producing a report following the Forum, which we will keep you updated about.

Steering Group November meeting

20 November 2014

At this month’s meeting the Steering Group’s discussion included responses to the Research First Report (Engineering Barriers and Responses), the NEEP Reference Group meeting and the upcoming Ako Aotearoa Forum ‘Alternative Engineering Pathways Professional Forum’.

NEEP Reference Group meeting

14 November 2014

Yesterday IPENZ hosted the NEEP Reference Group meeting. In 2010, IPENZ published the National Engineering Education Plan (NEEP), which highlighted likely future demand for engineers. Yesterday the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and IPENZ convened the first meeting of a reference group of employers, tertiary education and professional body representatives to review the Plan and provide recommendations to industry and education organisations, which can help inform future engineering education funding decisions.

Look out for our report back on this meeting in Newsletter #4, which will be out in December.

November newsletter online

3 November 2014

In this issue we look at the Research First Report ‘Engineering Barriers and Responses’ – have a read for a good, short summary of what the research found. You can download the newsletter from our home page, or the ‘Newsletter’ section of the site.

Steering Group October meeting

16 October 2014

The Steering Group met today with a packed agenda. Items included a look at the Research First report ‘Engineering Barriers and Responses’, an update by education providers on 2015 enrolments, tabling the marketing group recommendations, discussing plans to refresh the demand estimates from the 2010 NEEP report, and an update on collaboration with the Ministry of Education through the Vocational Pathways initiatives.

Marketing Meeting

4 October 2014

On Thursday, Marketing representatives from most ITPs offering an engineering qualification came together. First they discussed outcomes of the ‘Engineering Barriers and Responses’ research. They then discussed how to influence 2015 enrolments, with the goal of developing an action plan to increase student numbers.

Research First Report: Engineering Barriers and Responses

1 October 2014

As part of the Engineering e2e programme we commissioned a piece of research on barriers to the uptake of engineering study in New Zealand. The report is here! It details some of the significant challenges we face in encouraging more learners to study engineering. The report looks at four main areas:

  • barriers in the secondary education system
  • barriers in industry
  • barriers in the tertiary space; and
  • existing perceptions of engineering amongst students, parents, teachers and the general public.

This research will help us to better understand these issues and come up with solutions. You can read the report here

Engineering e2e launch in Auckland

10 September 2014

Today we had the last of our regional launches, held at the Well-Connected Alliance in Auckland. The event was a great success with lots of people from across the school and tertiary sectors, and industry, in attendance. Steven Joyce, Minister of Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, was there to speak amongst others.

Murray Johnson, Chief Advisor at the Tertiary Education Commission, gave us this analogy to take away – up until now we have been ‘selling the seats on the plane rather than the destination’. The Engineering e2e Programme is about showing learners and all New Zealanders how valuable and exciting a career with engineering can be. We need your help to achieve this!

September newsletter online

8 September 2014

Look in the ‘Newsletter’ section of the site to read all about it! This newsletter covers the launch events around the country, progress on each of the three programme work streams, and introduces you to the Steering Group.

Education Advisory Group meeting

28 August 2014

Today the EAG met for the first time, with lots to discuss. Items on the agenda included shaping priorities for the education delivery stream, and sharing information and stories around industry links with schools. Keep an eye out on the ‘Education’ page for our activity, and please do contact us if you’re keen to be involved – engineeringe2e@tec.govt.nz.

Engineering e2e launch in Hamilton

27 August 2014

We had our second launch event for the programme today in Hamilton – the Waikato regional launch. Longveld Engineering hosted, with representatives from schools, tertiary providers, industry and other stakeholders. Steven Joyce, Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, spoke at the event.

Mark Flowers, Chief Executive of Waikato Institute Technology (Wintec), reflected on the launch: “The event provided a great starting point for the programme and we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of business support.” Keep a look out for our September newsletter to read our full interview with Mark. 

Steven Joyce speaking at launch

1. Hon Steven Joyce speaking at the launch
2. Longveld, host of the launch

Steering Group August meeting

21 August 2014

Today the Steering Group met for their second monthly meeting. There were plenty of topics on the agenda, including discussions around levels 6 and 7 engineering enrolments, the stakeholder communications plan, Techlink pathways, and scoping our educational delivery strand of the programme.

Our first newsletter is online

6 August 2014

The first Engineering e2e newsletter is here! You can find it online in the ‘Newsletter’ section. Find out what the programme aims to achieve, how we’re going about it and most importantly, how you can be involved.

Engineering e2e regional launch in Wellington

23 July 2014

Yesterday we held the first of our launch events to officially kick off the Engineering e2e Programme! Fraser Engineering hosted the launch, bringing together representatives from schools, tertiary providers, employers, ITOs and the engineering industry. BECA then hosted an evening celebration. Steven Joyce, Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, spoke at both events. People were enthusiastic and happy to be there – a great start to our work together.

Photos of launch at Fraser Engineering

1. Fraser Engineering Group hosted the launch
2. L-R Kay Giles, CPIT; Rick Ede, Unitec;  Linda Sissons, Weltec 
3. Neville Jordan, Chair of the Engineering e2e Steering Group

First Steering Group meeting

21 July 2014

Today we held the very first meeting of the Engineering e2e Steering Group. First off the members introduced themselves – you can find a list of them under ‘Steering Group members’ in the ‘Our Groups’ section of the site. Then the group went through a whole lot of groundwork – talking about our purpose, our scope, our messaging and our marketing. We’re excited to get the programme up and running.