Programme Goals

The Engineering e2e Programme has a number of goals to increase engineering graduates in
New Zealand:

  • Aspiration - to create an aspiration for engineering as a career amongst potential students and the people that influence and support them.
  • Preparation - to ensure that potential students are prepared for success in their tertiary studies. This could be engaging them in the right study choices at school, or supporting them to access well-designed bridging courses without incurring additional time and costs.
  • Pathways - to develop a nation-wide network of engineering provision that enables learners to seamlessly staircase through the levels of engineering education according to individual aspirations and capability.
  • Graduates - to produce a sufficient number of work-ready graduates with links to employment to enable the Government’s target of an additional 500 graduates per annum by 2017.
  • Settings - to identify barriers and impediments to goal achievement and recommend operational and wider policy changes as required for addressing these.

We will achieve these goals through four work streams:

  • Promotion - a national marketing and promotion campaign
  • Employer engagement - partnerships which provide opportunities for students to learn and up-skill 
  • Educational delivery - ensuring multiple, coherent pathways for learners
  • Operational/policy parameters - developing more sustainable ways of funding engineering provision

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